Schlage Deadbolt

Are you looking for a smart lock that connects directly to WiFi without the need for an additional adapter? Schlage door locks announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January that they are releasing one to the market in March of 2019.

Up until now the only lock that connected directly to WiFi is the Array by Hampton. Other than that, connecting remotely to your smart lock was either through a hub or adapter that could cost anywhere between $60 to $100 or more or required a smart home with home automation.

Connecting the smart lock directly to WiFi makes for an easier and quicker in-home setup. There’s not any additional hubs or smart home connections to be made so once the lock is installed in your door you can use the Key app to start using it.

Amazon and Alexa

The Encode is another in Schlage’s series of smart locks that works with Amazon Key. And with an added Amazon Cloud Cam it gives you the option to allow Amazon’s delivery service to drop off packages into your home. And, because it supports cameras from Ring, you can allow visitors through the Ring app after viewing them through the Ring live video.

Alexa will require a 4 digit PIN but with the Key skill in the Alexa app you can use voice commands with Alexa to lock and check the status of your door.

Access Control

The Key app, keypad code or a physical key can open this lock. Schlage Encode has much of the same features as the Schlage Sense Deadbolt but with built-in WiFi. And, like the Sense deadbolt, you can grant access from anywhere using the Key app. Up to 100 codes can be set up for temporary or permanent access and for a specified time.

The codes that you set up can also be designated to send you a notification when they are used. This way you will know when your children arrive home or the dog walker showed up. And like most remote access apps, you can view a log of time and day when the codes were used.



Like most Schlage door locks, this deadbolt is certified Grade 1, highest grade in the industry. If you’re replacing the existing deadbolt there are no adjustments to be made because it is made to fit a standard cylindrical lock cutout.

The lock is powered by 4 AA batteries but WiFi drains the batteries faster than Bluetooth. The batteries in the Schlage Encode will last about 6 months before needing changing and an alarm will tell you when they’re needed. On the other hand, the Schlage Sense works using Bluetooth and those batteries last about a year.

The Schalge Encode comes in three finishes – Satin Nickel, Matte Black and Aged Bronze. It will be available in March for $249.99 on Amazon or can be bought as a package with Amazon Cloud Cam Kit for $299.99. Comes with a lifetime mechanical warranty and 3 year electronic warranty.


  • Connects directly with your home’s WiFi
  • Installs easily to existing holes in door
  • Integrates smoothly with Amazon Key
  • Unlocks through the app, keypad or conventional key
  • No additional hub or adapter needed
  • Grade 1 Deadbolt
  • Use with Amazon Cloud Kit for in-home deliveries


  • WiFi uses twice as much power as Bluetooth requiring more battery changes
  • Doesn’t operate through Bluetooth
  • Price point for the Encode is a little higher than the Schlage Sense together with the Schlage WiFi adapter
  • Does not connect to a home automation system