For more security you need a fingerprint access control door lock.Are you searching for a fingerprint access control door lock?

I get asked a lot about if the Bluetooth operated smart door locks can be hacked. The short answer is yes, it is possible, but those locks are secure and most manufacturers use two factor authentication and encrypt the Bluetooth code to make it harder for hackers. But if you’re still concerned with hackers, this Samsung fingerprint door lock system might just be what you’re looking for.

Biometrics is the use of a physical characteristic for means of verifying your identity. In this case a biometric fingerprint is used to verify your identity on the Samsung SHS-H705 and once identified will allow the lock to be opened. You can also open this lock with a mechanical key or access code. To clarify, this lock is not a smart lock and cannot be operated remotely, with Bluetooth or any home automation system.

Let’s get into this fingerprint door lock review.


The mortise housing of the Samsung Biometric Lock
Mortise Housing

This is a small mortise lock. What this means is instead of a cylindrical shape like most residential locks, this lock comes in a square shape that houses both the lever and deadbolt mechanisms. This lock makes more sense for those that are getting a new door.

  • Replacing your cylindrical lock with this fingerprint scanner lock will involve some modifications to your door.  Unless you have some experience as a DIYer, this is probably better left to professionals.

Some have ordered this lock and reported getting installation and operating instructions in Korean or Mandarin instead of English.

To make things easier on you, if you are getting a new door you can ask the manufacturer to prepare your door to receive this lock.


Fingerprint Scanner

The fingerprint scanner on the Samsung fingerprint door lock is fast and accurate. It should be, it is the biggest reason to by this lock. Most people like using the scanner to open the lock and not having to dig for keys or punch in a PIN. The lock will store 100 different fingerprints.

  • People that have problems with their memory, like the elderly or those with dementia, might be the best beneficiaries of this technology, no keys or PIN to remember.

Touchpad Screen

The touchpad screen supplements the fingerprint door lock system. The touchpad requires two random numbers before the actual access code. So to get this to work, you press two random numbers and then your code to gain access. This is to prevent intruders from guessing the code by reading any smudges or wear on the keys. You can program the touchpad screen to have one master PIN code and ten user PIN codes.

Modern Design

The look of this lock should be able to complement any modern decor. It is black with satin nickel trim on the exterior. The interior part is black and satin nickel with the battery compartment cover being satin nickel.

And an Additional Feature..

For those with small children who like to “explore”, this lock has a childproof feature. You can toggle the handle to the  “locked” position and the interior handle cannot be turned with small hands. This is not something you can find on very many locks. If more locks had this option there might be less of those stories you hear about toddlers walking on the sidewalk alone or even worse.

Some additional information:

  • This Samsung Biometric door lock uses eight AA batteries. You can use a 9 volt battery or a physical key to gain access if you come home and find the batteries have died.
  • This door lock does not have an ANSI/BHMA grade. Without that, there is no way to know about its durability or quality.
  • For additional security, it can be set to require double authentication – both a fingerprint and PIN code for entry.
  • Automatic locking sensor will lock after 3 seconds of the door being closed.
  • If you want a fingerprint smart lock that can be operated remotely and with Bluetooth you might want to look at the UltraLoq UL3.


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